Total Solar Eclipse of March 9th, 2016  Ternate Indonesia 

Saw a beautiful solar eclipse through thin cloud this morning.  From an elevated observing position overlooking two mosques, we had great views of the shadow sweeping across the landscape. Not such great views of the outer corona.  Amazing prominences!!

More eclipse report to come...

Mt Bromo at Dawn

After the eclipse, we went to Mt Bromo on Java.  The volcano has been in eruption for the past 3 months.....

Bromo at Dawn

Volcanic ash,  clouds of steam mixed with sulfur dioxide billow off Mt Bromo, Java, Indonesia passing behind Batok, the dormant volcano in the foreground. A trail of lights lead up to the crater rim of Mt Bromo as hundreds climb to watch sunrise from the rim. This photo was taken on the first day the climb was reopened (March 13, 2016) following the November 2015 eruption. Behind Batok and Mt Bromo in the distance is Semeru, the largest volcano and highest peak on Java. A small puff of ash and steam emanating from Semeru is illuminated by the glowing magma.  In the far distance, a large thunderstorm is in progress, the anvil and lightning seen in this exposure. Framed by the milky way. At latitude -8, the south celestial pole sits just above and to the left of Semeru. 

Joe Cali