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Nightscapes and Star Trails, Astrophotography by Joe Cali
"Under the Milky Way Tonight"
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WORKSHOP PROGRAM 2022          

Planned for 2022 (subject to minimum enrolment numbers & COVID restrictions)

  • Dark sky weekend at 34 South
  • Nightscapes and Star Trails 
  • Photoshop and Lightroom - Back to Basics
  • Photoshop and Lightroom - Astrophotography Processing Techniques
Interested? Read course descriptions  or contact me and you will be emailed when courses & excursions open for enrolment. Your email won't be used or passed on for any other purpose.

I took my first star trail in  September 1978 using a borrowed  SLR camera. In  June 1979, Dennis Di Ciccio published his fantastic and first ever annalemma photo in Sky and Telescope magazine. This photo captured my imagination and I guess I've been hooked on astronomy  and astrophotogrphy ever since. In 2013, Dennis was assigned to edit a feature I co-authored for Sky and Telescope. He introduced himself to us by email and told us how awesome he thought  our images were and I had the great pleasure of telling him how his image inspired me as a teenager to spend a lifetime capturing the heavens first on film then using digital media.

"Forces of Nature"

I have taught photography workshops on a diverse range of photographic skills at the Photoaccess Arts Centre in Canberra since 1996, exhibited work in more than 30 solo and group exhibitions, and written & photographed features for Sky and Telescope and Australian Geographic magazines.

I retired from full-time work last year and have moved to a great property 34 South, located between Young and Cowra away from towns with dark skies and almost no artificial lighting visible. This year I am modifying my astrophotography workshops with Photoaccess to make use of the remarkable dark skies at my property.  The foundation will continue to be  the "Nightscapes and Star Trails" course running two times per year aimed at non-novice photographers who are novice astrophotographers.  If you are also a novice photographer, and want to do this, we can set you up with beginners photographic skills course to lead you into the Nightscape course.  There may be field events such as the recent one night, "Murrumbidgee Midnight Madness Tour"  later in the year.  We also have scheduled a 3 night event, "Long Weekend @ 34 South," for the Queens Birthday Long Weekend.  The Photoshop and Lightroom workshops will also run.  The house move has taken longer than anticipated and costing the catering and additional labour equirements isn't going to be easy. 

We've had lots of fun during the events these past two years and I am getting great feedback.

Hope to see you sometime.


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"On Golden Pond"


A river of stars - 31st August, 2019 during "Murrumbidgee Midnight Madness"

"Eclipse over the Andes" - Argentina, July 2019

  While I do a lot of work locally, I have travelled all over the world with my late friend and co-conspirator, Bengt Alfredsson from Sweden.  For the past twenty years, we chased total solar eclipses in all corners of the globe also capturing astronomical phenomena and  regular "travel" fare at the same time. Sadly we lost him to a cruel disease earlier this year. "Forces of Nature," (image top left and large version in gallery 1) was one images we captured on one of our adventures. Leaving our hotel rooms in Java at 2:30am we walked up a mountain for 90 minutes to get an overview of two volcanic calderas undergoing mild activity. The lightning in the background and the Milky Way were just icing on the cake.

Aurora @ Kvaloya, Norway, 2015

Eclipse over the Grand Tetons, USA 2017

"Sari Sari Night"
 Sari shoots the stars at a "Nightscapes and Star Trails" workshop field trip

       Tomakin Moonrise by Margaret Stapper

         "Sue - CIWS or Star whiz?" 
          Sue Cunningham at the
"Nightscapes and Star Trails" workshop field trip

    "The light fantastic, Milky Way Panorama, West Wyalong"

    Brayshaw's Homestead -  Michael King

    "Glasshouse Rocks"


    Field Trips
    I plan field trips for my courses so that we travel to locations with dark skies  drive of 40 minutes up to a one hour each way. 

    Nightscapes and Star Trails fieldnight

    Central Milky Way - photo Joe Cali  2017

       Bridge and Magellanic Cloud - taken on Murrumbidgee Midnight  Madness


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