"Four Corners"

The Criterion of Braidwood

56 Wallace St, Braidwood

Ph +61 4842 1134

January 1st - 30th, 2003

Artist Statement


I like the way the photographic medium can twist reality. Many of my photographs are pre-visualised and don't depict the original scene the way it was but rather the way I'd like it to be.. I've travelled with friends who have said,"What do you want to photograph that for?" Then on seeing the final print they exclaim or complain," But I didn't see that." The fact is that I did see it in my mind and was able to translate that to the print..

After I survey a scene, I close my eyes and try to imagine that I am holding the final print. Then using any means at my disposal I set about creating that photograph. I am definitely not a purist freely using both monochrome and colour, traditional and digital methods to achieve what I want. I prefer traditional enlarger printing as I find the more tactile processes mildly cathartic and feel much stronger connections to the final images that I produce on the enlarger than those produced on a computer or through a commercial lab. On the other hand I believe the web was made for photographers and maintain a large web site.

I try to use techniques or special effects sparingly and only to communicate a feeling or mood to the viewer rather than as an end in itself. I like to experiment with many different styles. In my travels, I mostly photograph people, wildlife, built environment and landscape. I particularly like travelling & photographing in primitive or under-privileged parts of the world. It helps to keep you humble.

In this exhibition I've decided to exhibit landscapes of the natural and built environments. All images in this exhibition are produced in camera or under the enlarger without digital manipulation. The two type C prints are commercially digitally printed using Frontier 350 on Fuji crystal archive paper. All the other images are hand printed. The Monochrome images were printed in my home dark room and the Cibachrome, " Ice Wave" was printed in 1997 at Photoaccess.

Mini feature printed in Canberra Times Entertainment Supplement, Times Out on January 9th, 2003.
Reviewed by Myra McIntyre & published in the Canberra Times January 31st, 2003 in the Arts section.


 Isles Aux Grues - Sepia Print

 Billabong Willow - Sepia Print

 Halcyon Day Silver Gelatin Print

 Machu Pichu, Peru - Selenium Print

2 prints sold sold


 Cauldron, Mosi O Tuni NP, Zambia Silver Gelatin Print

 Mimosa Dawn - Silver Gelatin Print

1 print sold

 As time Goes By - Type C Print

2 prints sold

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 Monet's Forest Type C Print

3 prints sold

 Dune, Atacama Dessert, Chile - Sepia Print


Not Displayed

Larras Lee - Sepia Print

Mimosa#2 - Silver Gelatin Print

Valle de la Luna, Atacama Dessert, Chile - Sepia Print

"Palacio de los Condes de Arana" - (Bolivia) Sepia Print

Ice formation, Fox Glacier - Cibachrome Print

Old Shed, Murrumbateman - Silver Gelatin Print

Dry Lake, Fraser Island - Silver Gelatin Print