Joe has been taking photographs for 40 years.  He's worked extensively in a semi-professional in most film and
digital media. Professionally, he works at the Australian National University as a specialist stable isotope mass
spectrometrist in a
world class group that researches palaeoenvironments, ocean and climate change.

Joe began teaching at the Photoaccess Art Centre in 1996 and he has since taught a wide variety of workshops in Black
and White Darkroom & Camera,  Photoshop,  Lightroom, Camera Skills, Travel photography and a range of boutique
workshops. If you have a special interest, you can take advantage of Joe's enormous breadth of experience by hiring
him for one on one instruction in a subject of your choice.  Joe has had conducted one on one in subjects such as
artificial lighting techniques, astronomical nightscape-starscape-landscape photography, preparation for
Antarctic Wildlife photography tours.

His photographs have been published in feature stories in large circulation glossy magazines and works exhibited
in over 30 solo
& group exhibitions.

In addition to photography, Joe's interests include adventure travel, astonomy, astrophotography, with a special
interest in chasing solar
eclipses around the globe.  Eclipse chasing and other travels in 35 countries have taken
him to exotic locations around the globe such as the Sahara desert, Gobi Desert, Libya, South and Central America,
the Great Sand Sea, Gallapagos Islands, Carribbean, Fogo, Zambia,
Tatakoto,  Altiplano, Alaska and Longyearbyen
and Svalbard 800km form the
north pole.