A public gallery exhibition is probably the most terrifying prospect for an emerging artist. Until your first exhibition, your biggest critics may have been friends, art school colleagues, camera club members or teachers ­ people you could rely upon to give encouragement and support.

When you actually hang your work in public for scrutiny, ask the press to assign a reviewer well...that's a different story. Or is it?

I've now had work in many exhibitions from group exhibits to solo. My first solo wasn't hung until January 2003, not because I was scared, just too busy. The most terrifying exhibiting experience was my first exhibition, "100 by 50. " It was a fiftieth anniversary exhibit for the Canberra Photographic Society. All that was required was to submit two slides. The Society had a grant to pay to have the work commercially printed and framed. Members of the society cut the mats. Yet it was that first public showing that was so scary. What if a reviewer picked on my image to criticise?

Needless to say that didn't happen. Once the monkey was off my back, exhibiting became a pleasure.


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