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These are in no particular order, price range or other category and there are no rules to qualify. They are travel products or destinations that made me feel like my time had really been well spent.

 Galasam Tours - Galapagos Islands cruise on the Antartida

The Galapagos is not a cheap destination to visit. A one week cruise will set you back at least US$1000. The Galasam Antartida cruise I recommend cost me about US$1500 in 1994. The staff were helpful, the guide knowledgable and in my opinion the boat was just the right size ­ 10 passengers. I think that bigger boats with lot's of passengers make you miss that feeling of being in such a special isolated location. But if you want to take part in a costume ball dressed as an iguana or a sea lion, then you had better stick to the big boats.
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O'Reilley's Rainfoest Guesthouse, SE Queensland.
Do you want to both spoil and exert yourself for a few days and see fantastic rainforest and bird life at the same time. Then book a stay at O'Reilley's Guesthouse, in the Lamington National Park, SE Queensland.

This is the luxury end of the Eco-lodge market. Fine food and wine at night, early morning rainforest walks, bird watching and relaxing are all on the menu. The lodge also hosts special interest weeks at times through the year.

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 Day tours around San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

Rarely in my travels have I struck a place where the tour operators were so attuned to their surroundings. Day tours in San Pedro depart at times like 3am., 4am, 3pm so that patrons can enjoy sunrise or sunset at their chosen destinations. It's not always convenient but the vibrant rich colours of the landscape burst into life at these times and the tour operators understand this and allow patrons to do the same. These are day tours for travellers not tourists! Most travel agents in San Pedro arrange sunrise and sunset tours of local features. US$5 - $20, depending on the tour.
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La Joya de Bolivia (The Jewel of Bolivia)

If you don't mind kipping in a sleeping bag in bunkhouses for a few nights then have I got a deal for you. Get yourself down to Uyuni in southern Bolivia and get set for some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. They are so surreal that at times I felt as though I was on a tour on Mars. If you are cast in the Catriona Rowntree mould, forget it. The nearest shopping mall or 5 star hotel is many days travel from this unforgettable part of the world . US$70 for 4 days including all food and some drinks. I recommend bringing extra drinking water and a liberal supply of Singani.
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