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What's up? 
The rich summer Milky Way Taurus, Auriga, Gemini, Orion, Canis Major and Puppis arch overhead in all their glory in early evening. For the early risers, the Milky Way galactic core has popped out from behind the Sun and is rising mid-January at the start of twilight at about 430am.

Comet Leonard put on quite a show from about a week before Christmas until January 10.  It is still in our evening sky but it has faded and is fighting the glare of a bright moon. Here is a gallery of images I captured over the peak period.

Comet Leonard -   Our 2021 Christmas Comet

Photography I have been taking and making photographs for the past 40 years.  During this time I've hung my work in more than 30 gallery exhibitions, curated exhibitions, published work in magazines and taught workshops and given private tuition on a wide variety of photographic topics techniques and media.
Nightscape Photography
I have been involved in amateur astronomy and astrophotography for the past 40 years. One of my interests is nightscape photography.
Solar & Lunar eclipses 
Solar eclipses are one of the most spectacular events in nature. I saw my first total eclipse from central Bolivia 4km above sea level in 1994. Since then, I've travelled the world chasing these spectacular events. ....more
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