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Atacama - 21 years on

Friday 5th July, 2019.
The pace of the last few days hit me today. I slept in until late morning and still had no energy. I decided it was time for a quiet day. 

Saturday 6th July, 2019.
Got up bright and early.  Went for a walk through town - dead.  The town is abuzz until late at night but then nothing opens until late morning. Not even a cafe. Headed out to Valle de la Luna. When I last visited in 1998, The main activity was to climb a big dune, watch sunset from the top and then sand surf down before going back. Result, a beautiful dune covered in footprints and descent scars. Back then, I had to be very careful framing to exclude most of the footmarks.  Now, much to my delight, they forbid anyone walking on the dune and have opened new tracks with great outlooks around the region and of the dune. 

The dune forms a saddle between two rocky outcrops. In 1998, I took pictures from the rocky outcrop on the left of the dune. 

But wait! There's more. The ridgetop track runs in 1km along a ridgetop to a great view.           .

After Valle de la Luna, I continued south through Toconao to the beautiful Salar Atacama.

The salt crust is pushed up into a series of little peaks giving it an other-worldly feel.

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