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The Great Oz Eclipse of November 2012  
by Joe Cali

Site 3B Road Camp

A handful of tour members were up the road at site 3B. These included
John Salini, Paul Muir

Greg, Leeanne & Liz Bond
Tony Dutton, Wendy Hodge, Joanne Dutton
Gabi & Joerg Ackermann

Melissa Hulbert and the Sydney Observatory Group (41 pax)  were also there.  

John Salini
Our convoy of observers went all the way to site 3B
(tks Joe for the research in to that site) where the
Sun came up alarmingly late, and well in to the  
partial phases, but compensated with a fabulous

My biggest pleasure is the GoPro time lapse video
which clearly shows the darkening (never really
was totally dark) and then the retreat of the Lunar
Umbra and advancement of Sunlight....quite

Note : The Sun was supposed to come up alarmingly late - Joe

Left to right : Gabi and Joerg Ackermann, Tony Dutton and Leeanne Bond


Above left : 3rd contact and totality below by John Salini. Above right:  Paul Muir at site 3B.



Joerg and Gabi Ackermann

Joerg and Gabi are two of the best eclipse photographers I know.  Their technique and the resulting images are always of the highest standard. Joerg and Gabi were at site 3B where they captured these beautiful images.







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